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Valentines Tree

Today I made a Valentines tree, as you do

If you want to know how to do it, it’s really easy.

You will need the following items:-

  • Thin branches

  • A vase to pop your branches in. I used the amora jug as its a lovely matte white colour

  • Some paper or thin card in tones of pinks and reds.

  • Some string I have used red and white, but you could use normal white tapestry thread.

First spray or paint your branches. Pop a dust sheet down to protect your surface. These can be drying whilst you do the rest of your tree.

Next you want to cut out your hearts. I used a heart shaped hole punch, it was really easy or you could cut your hearts out freehand with a pair of scissors or if you want a really cool look you could use a pair of pinking sheers and have zig zag edge.

Next cut halfway down the middle of a heart, like this.

Then get another heart and cut halfway from the middle upwards, like this.

Cut different lengths of string, depending on how low or high you want your hearts to hang.

Attach the string to the top of the heart which has a slit in the bottom. I used tiny bits of sellotape.

Slot two hearts together. Ta da how cool is that x

When your branches are dry arrange them in your vase.

Next tie your hearts to the branches, spread them out evenly for the best effect. And that’s is my friends, as simple as that.

If pinks and reds aren’t for you, you could use whatever matched your décor x

If you don't want to forage for your branches, pussy willow stems look really good as well x

If you have ago please let me know how you get on and even better send me a photo x


I have also done a Tik Tok though my captions are too low, ha ha ha, but you get the idea x

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Smashing my friend ❤️

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