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Title: Finding My Floral Haven: A Journey to Creating My Dream Studio, for my floristry workshop Cumbria

Updated: Jun 4

After a whirlwind run-up to Christmas, the wear and tear of managing my #floristryworkshops across various venues took its toll on both my spirit and my back. Despite relentless efforts and countless inquiries to find a suitable space since July, the search seemed futile. However, amidst the setbacks and moments of doubt, a ray of hope emerged.

The Search for a Studio

With sixty venues contacted and no promising leads, I was on the verge of giving up. Yet, something inside urged me to persevere a little longer. Two months of no workshops left me feeling really quite low, I love my #workshops and I really missed them and everyone. Finally, after one last push, I got there.

The Unveiling of My new space

With my new studio secured, I couldn't wait to get decorating. I painted the walls to mimic distressed plaster, I added stencils for a touch of vintage charm. The space started to take shape, reflecting my desire for quirkiness and creativity.

Textured wall of my flower school Cumbria, featuring the word Flowers stencilled on the wall
Interior of my flower school, Egremont, Cumbria, UK

Crafting Inspiration

Every detail was meticulously chosen to inspire creativity. Shelves crafted from scaffold boards, (Made by my lovely friends husband) adorned with vintage treasures, created the ambiance I sought. These eclectic pieces not only serve as décor but also will double as props for workshops and photography sessions.

Basket hanging with dried flowers, and a old straw hat. These are used as props in my photogrphy flower workshop, Egremont, Cumbria
Some of my quirky props to use at my floristry classes, Cumbria

Interior image with a textured grey wall with the word Attic stencilled on. This is my flower school for beginners, Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District
Inside my flower class at Egremont

Embracing Imperfection

Tables, chairs, and a distressed dresser found their place in the studio, each bearing the marks of imperfection with pride. This intentional choice is to create an environment free from inhibition, where spills and splatters are badges of creativity rather than cause for concern.

Interior of flower school Egremont, showing jars of flowers and old furniture.
A flower workshop near me

Looking Ahead and Beyond

In addition to running workshops throughout the year, I've embarked on an exciting new venture inspired by the wonderful women who've attended my workshops in the past. They've often described these gatherings as their precious "me time," a form of therapy amidst life's hustle and bustle. Introducing "Friends and Flowers," a monthly club designed to nurture the soul and foster creativity.

Crafts, Cake, and Community

At "Friends and Flowers," each month promises a blend of craft activities, with flowers and nature serving as the under lying theme. Following the creative session, we will indulge in homemade delights courtesy of the talented baker just two doors down. Amidst laughter and shared stories, coffee and tea will flow freely.  But the true highlight awaits at the Bloom Bar, where each participant will select fresh blooms from my new Bloom Bar.

A Blooming Success

The first club meeting was brilliant. Participants immersed themselves in crafting an Easter tree adorned with whimsical decorations, departing with arms full of both their creations and handpicked blooms.

A hand holding a egg decorated with feathers and blue ribbon. This  was made at my flower school cumbtia
Easter Egg fun at Friends and Flowers club at my flower school , Egremont

Opening Doors

Following the club, I held an open day. The response was overwhelming, as visitors popped in. I was chuffed to bits to see so many new faces  Many took the opportunity to secure spots in upcoming workshops, some of which sold out straight way. I was proper chuffed to bits.  As a token of appreciation, each visitor left with a wee posy of spring blooms.

First Event

My first Floristry workshops Cumbria was creating a spring wreath, it was a lovely couple of hours and what the ladies made was amazing.

Shows two women who have made spring wreaths using sustainable floristry menthods. They are both smiling looking straight to camera. The photo was taken at Flowers from my Attic, flower school, Egremont
Spring wreath workshop, sustainable floristry course

A woman holding a spring wreath she has been on Flowers from my Attic sustainable floristry workshop, Egremont, UK
Spring wreath workshop using sustainable floristry


My next session is for children and they will be making Easter Flower Crowns, I cannot wait to see what they make as kids just go for it and they never cease to amaze me.

My website has been updated with lots of upcoming workshops and clubs, but I will be adding some pop up ones as time goes on.  Hopefully see you all soon.


Jackie – chufty pants x


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