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The Kissing Bough

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Kissing Bough or balls are making a come back, they apparently date back to the Middle Ages. People would construct a ball like shape of evergreen foliage and hang it over the doorways or archways so that whenever a person walked under it they were blessed with good tidings. Back then they were referred to as kissing boughs. The Victorians re introduced the evergreen boughs and went a step further by adding mistletoe.

I have only ever seen mistletoe growing wild once. I can remember exactly where it was. I must visit again and see if it is still there, mind you it was about 20 years ago. Mistletoe grows on the branches of other trees; it is an evergreen plant that has lovely pearl like berries. Its only really noticeable when the tree that it has attached itself to looses all its leaves.

I constructed my first kissing bough of the year this week. I was going for a bit of a frosty morning theme, using greens, whites and silvers complete with a white sheer ribbon to hang. By adding fresh foliage and herbs it smells gorgeous.

The original boughs would have been two hoops, one inside the other and decorated, rather than what I have done which is a solid sphere of foliage.

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Brilliant my friend, both factual and interesting, oh and gorgeous as well!!

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