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The day the rain came

Well what a day for West Cumbria, I know we live in the Lake District but heck the rain has not let up. The river that I look out onto from my attic is in full flow, it has burst its bank further down river. Some poor people have had to be evacuated, as their homes have been flooded. Logs are flying past as if people are playing ‘poo sticks’. There goes one now as I right this, crazy its as though a wave machine has been applied to the river. The roar from it is something else. One good thing about the river Ehen is it is a very fast flowing river so once all the rain has come down from the fells the level should drop quickly. The farmer has been and moved his cows and sheep to higher ground, I watched him as he filmed the chaos, not believing his eyes like me. The lights are flickering so I have charged up my phone, got the candles ready and the fire is laid. But lets hope that doesn’t happen. Keep safe everyone x

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