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"Something for the weekend Sir?"

So I posted a photograph of the beautiful sunny Mimosa flower as it is now in season and everyone went mad for it.

I originally bought it in to dry for my arrangements, but it has got me thinking that I could provide fresh flowers each weekend.

So I launched 'Get Fresh for the Weekend' a bit of 'Mel and Kim' singing in my head 😊

The idea is I will select what I think will make the most beautiful flowers for peoples homes, using what is in season. But I won't be arranging, I want to inspire people to become their own florist and to enjoy learning about flowers. For years always made me happy and hopefully they will do the same for others.

I will share videos or information explaing how to arrange.

The mimosa arranging video can be viewed here on tiktok, short and sweet. No laughing at my broad accent and sqeaky voice 🤣

I am going to choose flowers and foliage that has maximum longevity as I want people to get good value for money.

The mimosa for example, the flowers will start to reduce, at this point the stems should be removed from the water, dried off and placed in a clean empty jar. The flowers will then dry naturally and if cared for these will last for months, now that is value for money 😀

This is what they look like dried, still as pretty as ever and they retain their lovely yellow colour.

The next flowers I selected were stems of Eucalyptus, white Broom and elegant Antirrhinums. Eucalyptus lasts for ages. White Broom or Genisteae to give it its Sunday name has lots of delicate flowers, on numerous stems on one branch. They remind me of wisteria. This provides the arrangement with movement and an airey feel to it.

Broom grows all over the UK and it is usually a yellow flower. When I visited Scotland last year the yellow broom was eveywhere, it was just stunning.

Antirrhinums are beautiful tall stems of flowers. They come in a variety of colours and you can grow them in your garden during Summer. They remind me of my Grandma as she used to grow them. They can be quite difficult to grow from seed, so I would recommend you buy them as small plants from your local garden centre. They are also know as Snapdragon as if you pop your finger into the flower it snaps shut. Also if you squeeze the back of the flower it will open and close its petals resembling a mouth.

You can see how I arrange the flowers below.

I hope I have inspired you to have ago at arranging your own flowers x

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