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Just because .... blooms

We all know flowers make the perfect gift. But when I deliver unexpected flowers to someone, I love watching their reaction as it is so heart-warming. In a matter of seconds their expressions and emotions change.

First ‘Denial’ - those flowers aren’t for me you must have the wrong person.

Second ‘Excitement’ - Oh really wow!

Third ‘Puzzlement’ - Who could be sending me flowers?

Fourth ‘Recognition’ – When they realise who they are from.

Five ‘Captivation’ – As they read the message.

Six ‘Appreciation’ – That someone went out of their way to send them flowers.

Seven ‘Delight’ When they turn away and close the door.

All those emotions and thoughts literally in seconds. It makes my heart burst. Sometimes when I deliver, I am the only person they will see that day and so I stay for a few minutes and have a crack with them. This is the reason I do this job. And this is the reason I have come up with the concept of

‘Just Because Blooms’

We all know someone who would love to receive some ‘Just Because Blooms’

It could be your Mam, in recognition of what she does for you, a colleague who got or didn’t get the job, a neighbour for always taking in your parcels, your friend who is totally overwhelmed with life, the list is endless. Have a think and decide.........

'Who do you want to send ‘Just Because Blooms too?'


You’ve got to be a certain kind of lovely to do what you do 😊 xx

Apr 24, 2022
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Awh thanks Julie x

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