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Impress your guests this Christmas

With these easy to make Christmas tree place settings made out of fresh herb Rosemary.

Not only do they look cute, your guests will be impressed that you have gone all out, but they also smell lovely and your guests can take home and pop on their tree.

You will need 3- 4 sprigs of Rosemary, it is really easy to grow, if you don’t have it in your garden, you can buy it easily as a fresh herb in the supermarket.

Some sharp scissors, string and card for the name label.

Cut 2 lengths of the rosemary the same length, its up to you how big you want to make them, I went quite big so I can show you on the photographs.

Glue the two lengths together at the top, this is the top of your tree.

Next depending how wide you want your tree to be cut a length of rosemary.

Glue this to the bottom 2 lengths of your rosemary, forming a triangle.

Glue each corner, hold down for a few seconds with a pencil, be careful as the glue is hot.


Next remove some of the leaves from a stem and create a trunk for your tree.

Glue this trunk to the middle of the bottom of your tree, if you can see the glue like you could in mine, I stuck some of the leaves I had just removed to cover up the glue, whilst it was setting.

That’s it, you have your wee Christmas tree place setting; all you need now is attach the name label.

Using some card cut out your label, I made mine using a heart punch, but you can make it however you want.

Next punch a hole for the string, if you don’t have a punch just use a needle and thread to make the hole.

Write your guest’s name on and attach.

I used simple red and white string, as I wanted to keep it simple, but you can use whatever you want. Ribbon, twine, cotton, whatever you have to hand.

Also, if you want you can add something to the top of your tree, the possibilities are endless, if you have any pressed flowers, you could glue on or glue a red berry off some holly or these mini wooden stars are super cute.

I hope you feel inspired. Jackie x

Please note I am recommending products from amazon, I am an amazon affiliate which means should you purchase anything I get a tiny commission, there is no extra cost to you x J x

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