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Cumbrian Christmas

Updated: May 31

I have to say that this has been my busiest Christmas by far, and I am not complaining I love Christmas. And this year in particular I have been struck by how many people are wanting to have ago themselves and bring a bit of the outdoors in. These are some of the highlights.

At the end of November, I held another course at the Beacon Portal at Whitehaven. I knew that we were going to be making some big arrangements so we limited the class to ten participant's so everyone could have a table each.

And what a great class it was lots of familiar faces and new ones too which was great Lots of laughs as usual and best of all the arrangements were absolutely amazing. Most of the participants opted for long horizontal arrangements whilst one girl went big and bold with an asymmetrical design. All made using without the use of floral foam.

Obligatory class photo 😊

Getting them in the cars was hilarious, I wish I had taken a video.

A few ladies asked if I could provide them with the foliage to make their own fireplace arrangements as they weren’t able to attend the workshop. I wasn’t planning on this, but I am so glad I did, the ladies made some beautiful arrangements even though my instructions and drawings were a bit basic they managed to follow them. So, I will definitely be offering these kits again, albeit with more professional instructions.

The following week I held a wreath workshop at Distington Walled Garden. This time I was assisted by my friend’s daughter who is an aspiring florist and has been making wreaths for a couple of years and she is only a young teenager. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Lots of fun was had, the wreaths were amazing and the crack as always was good.

We also obtained a young guest who got involved and made her own arrangement.

The arrangements were amazing.

Two early leavers x

Group photo 😊

Once my workshops were over it was time for me to knuckle down and make my own wreaths. I kept changing the design as I went so there was quite a variation. This time the wreaths were bigger than ever.

Also, for the third year running my large door swags were as popular as ever. This year I topped off with a large navy-blue velvet bow, a wee peacock feather to tie in with added silver cat bells instead of cow bells, and some classy pearl stars.

And how amazing does this look on my customers door x Chuffed to bit x

Finally, I had a chance to make a wreath for myself, as I was out of the larger wreath bases, I opted for two smaller ones. My partner isn’t keen but I think it may be a new trend.

Still jobs to do, but for now I would like to wish all my lovely customers, friends and family Happy Christmas and a healthy and happy year ahead x


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