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Babies breath wreath tutorial

Please watch the video first to help illustrate what you need to do.

  • Take your wire and secure it to your wreath base.

  • Wind the wire around the two circles of your wreath base in a zig zag fashion. This helps create a more secure base.

  • Keep your wire attached.

  • Next cut lengths of babies’ breath and form a little posy of flowers.

  • Lay the flowers on the wreath and wrap with wire to secure.

  • Cut more lengths of babies’ breath and again make another little posy of flowers.

  • Lay this posy at the anchor point of your earlier bunch, laying them in the same direction.

  • Keep going with this method until your wreath base is full, keep going in the same direction.

  • Add the last posy to your wreath frame, you want your wreath to look seamless.

  • Next turn upside down, snip about 4 inches off the wire and secure at the back of the wreath, nice and tight.

That’s it you’re done, add a ribbon to hang or make a centrepiece like I have using a led battery tea light and a jam jar.

Everything you need for this can be purchase from me here x

Easy peasy x

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