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🌸 A Blooming Update from Flower School Cumbria 🌸 A flower school near me.

Updated: Jun 4

As May comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on the fantastic journey we've had at our Flower School Cumbria since my last blog update. 🌿

I’m still absolutely loving my studio in the historic market town of Egremont, right on the edge of the Lake District. This bustling town has welcomed me warmly, with local businesses helping to spread the word about my classes. Many of the lovely ladies who join my workshops often enjoy a bit of shopping around town afterwards. 🛍️

I’m thrilled by the incredible turnout at my May workshops! We've explored a wide range of topics, from children's flower crowns to pressed flowers, flower arranging, photography, and everything in between.

Our 'Friends and Flowers' club is thriving, with attendees crafting beautiful pressed flower cards and gift tags using locally made textured paper. The gift tags were especially stunning, finished with brass rivets, ribbon, and a protective layer of vellum. 🌸✂️

A picture of a gift tag made using paper from the Lake District, brass rivet and pressed flowers. With a white satin ribbon. Arranged on old books and old music paper
Flower Club Egremont, based at my Flower School

Close up of gift tags, which are made with textured paper made here in the Lake District. Brass rivet and finished with pressed flowers. Arranged on some old music paper. The photo was taken at my Flower School, Egremont, Cumbria,
Pressed flowers at my flower school, Egremont, Cumbria

Image of a card with a sketch of the back of  a woman. Her dress is decorated with pressed flowers. This was made by one of my students who looked for a floristry class near me and discovered my flower school.
Pressed flowers made at my Flower Club, Egremont, West Cumbria

Creativity was in full bloom as we made charming flower fairies using dried and preserved flowers. Each fairy had its own unique character, with some holding tiny mirrors or bouquets. It's so delightful to see everyone's unique style shine through. 🌼🧚‍♀️

A picture of a fairy made from dried flowers, rose petals, with skelton leaves for wings. Suspended as if flying with sunbeams.
Flower Fairy made at my Flower School Egremont

As always, the ladies get to choose a bunch of flowers from my bloom bar, and I show them how to wrap them beautifully to take home and enjoy. 💐

Photo of buckets of fresh flowers used for my bloom bar.  They include blue veronica, pink calla lillies, eucalyptus, roses, santi, sprinkle grass.
Flower School Cumbria

Our introduction to flower arranging was so popular that I had to run two classes in quick succession. We sipped tea, ate cake, shared stories, and created amazing arrangements in lovely chunky glass jars. 🍰🌺

Image of women attending my flower class Egremont, Cumbria, which is near the Lake District. They are arranging fresh flowers in glass jars. There is a cup of tea in the forground.
Ladies enjoying my floristy class at my studio, Egremont, Cumbria

In between workshops, I enjoyed a short break in Scotland with my partner and our 14-year-old sausage dog, Harry. We stayed in a charming cottage right on the beachfront, where I did lots of beachcombing and relaxing. The weather was brilliant! Always on the lookout for foraging opportunities, I returned with lots of naturally dried teasels, perfect for future wreath-making. 🐾🏖️

Sustainability is at the heart of my floristry practice. We went back to basics with a mini arrangement in teacups, using flower frogs and chicken wire for support. The ladies also made mini wreaths using fresh gypsophila, which will dry naturally and can be enjoyed for years to come. 🌿🌸

Photo of three vintange tea cups with mini flower arrangements in. These were made in my sustainable flower class, Egremont. The phot also includes some pearls, a vintage photo of a woman, old music sheets and an old book with faded cover.
Sustainable Flower Course

Flower arrangement, ina vintahe tea cup made at my sustainable floristry workshop, suing sustainable mechanics.
Flowers arranged in a teacup using sustainable floristry

This weekend, we had a fantastic flowers and photography class. Everyone learned about their camera and phone settings, staged fresh flowers, and took beautiful photographs. The ladies got creative with my quirky studio props, and some even brought personal items to add to their vignettes. 📸🌼

The photo below is one I took after the class.

As well as going home with some brilliant photos they took a bunch of 'Shirly Temple' peonies.

Photo of large antique brown jug with an arrangement of flowers. Including buttercups, daisies, cow parsley, grasses, clematis, blue irises, red campion. The jug is on an old textured white chair with a hessian sack draped over he back. Taken in my flower workshop, Egremont, Cumbria.
Flowers and Photography workshop, Flower School, Egremont

Next week is half-term, and I’m excited about the kids' classes where they’ll be making tealights with pressed flowers and adding battery-operated tea lights to make them glow. 🕯️🎨 The first class sold out straight away so I am holding one later the same day.

Looking ahead, we have many more exciting workshops planned, including intensive courses focused on setting up in the floristry industry. Notably, we have sessions on large-scale installations and sustainable green funeral flowers. 🌿🌺

For those looking for a "Flower School near me," I highly recommend checking out our offerings. Our "Sustainable funeral flowers course" and other "Sustainable floristry courses" are designed to provide valuable skills and insights. If you're in the area, don’t miss out on the wonderful experiences at our "Flower School Cumbria." And don’t just take my word for it—check out our "Flower School Cumbria reviews" to see what others have to say! 🌸📚

If you are looking for a flower school cumbria, get in touch.

Stay tuned for more blooming adventures and sustainable floristry fun! 🌿🌸✨


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