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What types of courses does your flower school offer? We offer a wide range of flower school Cumbria courses, including: (But not exclusive)

  • Half-day Courses: Wreath making, flower arranging, meadow box arranging, introduction to floristry and conditioning, spiral technique bouquet master class, luxury Christmas wreath, decorating a broom, Christmas fireplace decorating, dreamy dahlias, and festive garland plus more.

  • One-day Course: Farewell flower course (funeral flowers using sustainable methods).

  • Two-day Courses: Intensive floristry foundation course, floristry installation course.

  • Five-day Course: Floral Foundations: Kickstart Your Floristry Business.

Where is your flower school located?

My flower school is located in my studio in the historic market town of Egremont, North West England, Cumbria, UK, on the edge of the Lake District. If you're looking for a flower school Cumbria near me, our school is easily accessible. 

Do you offer courses for beginners in floristry?

Yes, I offer half-day courses on various aspects of floristry such as wreath making, flower arranging, and more, all using sustainable methods. These are perfect for those looking for a flower school for beginners.

What kind of reviews has your flower school received?

I have over 160 reviews on Google, all 5 stars, along with some testimonials on my website. Our flower school Cumbria reviews reflect the high satisfaction of our students.

Can your courses help me start my own floristry business?

Yes, we offer several courses that can help you start your own floristry business:

  • Floristry Foundation Course: Intensive 2-day course.

  • Flower Installations Course: Intensive 2-day course.

  • One-Day Farewell Flower Course.

  • Floral Foundations: Kickstart Your Floristry Business: A comprehensive 5-day course covering business aspects, branding, website SEO, and more.

Do you teach sustainable methods in your floristry courses?

Yes, all my workshops and courses use sustainable methods, and we never use floral foam. Our sustainable floristry courses are designed to promote eco-friendly practices.

Do you offer courses in sustainable funeral flowers?

Yes, we offer a one-day farewell flower course focusing on sustainable funeral flowers. This sustainable funeral flowers course ensures that you learn how to create eco-friendly arrangements.

What makes your flower school unique compared to others in Cumbria?

Our flower school in Cumbria stands out because:

  • We share extensive practical knowledge about growing flowers helping attendees apply what they learn beyond the workshop setting.

  • We balance teaching design principles with encouraging attendees to find and express their own style, helping them develop a unique and personal approach to floristry.

  • Our calm and lovely studio provides a serene and inspiring backdrop for our workshops, enhancing the overall experience and helping participants feel at ease.

Do you offer reviews or testimonials from past students?

Yes, you can find reviews from our past students on our Google listing and on our website, where we have over 160 five-star reviews. These flower school reviews highlight the positive experiences of our students.

What sustainable practices do you teach in your floristry workshops?

Our sustainable practices include avoiding the use of floral foam, utilizing locally-sourced and seasonal flowers, and teaching eco-friendly flower arranging techniques.

Are there any flower arranging courses available at your school?

Yes, we offer various flower arranging courses, including half-day sessions on wreath making, meadow box arranging, and Christmas fireplace decorating, as well as intensive multi-day courses. Our school of flower arranging provides comprehensive training.

Do you offer sustainable floristry courses near me?

Yes, our flower school in Egremont, Cumbria, offers various sustainable floristry courses that are perfect for those looking to practice eco-friendly floristry. If you're looking for sustainable flower courses near me, we have a range of options available.

Can your courses help someone looking to make a career change to floristry?

Definitely! Our courses, especially the 5-day Floral Foundations: Kickstart Your Floristry Business, are ideal for those looking to make a career change to floristry.

What can I expect from a one-day floristry course at your school?

Our one-day farewell flower course will teach you how to create beautiful, sustainable funeral flowers using eco-friendly methods. It’s an intensive and hands-on experience designed to equip you with practical skills. If you're searching for a 1 day floristry course, this is a great option.

How can I find floristry workshops near me?

You can find our floristry workshops in Egremont, Cumbria. We offer a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels, all focused on sustainable floristry practices. If you're looking for floristry workshops near me, our location in Cumbria is ideal.

What are the benefits of choosing sustainable floristry courses?

Choosing sustainable floristry courses helps you learn eco-friendly practices, reduces your environmental footprint, and equips you with modern floristry skills that are increasingly in demand. Our sustainable flowers courses are designed to meet these needs.

Do you offer any free on line courses?

Yes just contact me for the password key.

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